What do you do when you turn up at the café ready for coffee with the girls and you’re at the right café but the wrong shopping centre?

Erm, am I the only one who has done this?! Do you read the fine print or are you more like me? I’m so guilty of not noticing the details of life – I’m just not interested in them! It’s a bit of a personality trait of mine.

However, is missing the fine print really a huge problem? You could be thinking, ‘Yes, Jen – missing it is a BIG DEAL!’

But is it always? Have you ever stopped to think about the opportunities that can instead become available? In the case of my café mix-up, was it the end of the world? If I’d been where I *should* have been, I would have missed an important phone call, I would not have had the time and space to write this blog post (on my own in that café and with an almond-milk cappuccino by my side), and last but not least I would have missed buying a cute pair of shoes (which, for once, I needed).

Now you could argue with me, and that’s fine, you can. I know you are probably thinking that not reading the fine print could have detrimental effects. And, look, it’s all about context. 

The fine print is important when looking at things such as contracts, financial documents, resumes, agreements, social media advertising and much more… but my message is that you shouldn’t apply this approach to everything in life – don’t get so bogged down that you miss new and amazing opportunities.

If you do miss important fine print and it has an earth-shattering effect (and yes, sometimes it can), my belief is that you’ll learn and grow and won’t ever miss that type of fine print ever again. Simply reframe your perspective and embrace the opportunity to grow!

While fine print has its place, don’t allow it to control the direction and outcome of your life – after all, you’re here to live your best life, and that involves being authentic and open to embracing opportunities.


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