From Winter to Spring

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As I type this, cooler weather is on the way. Have you ever noticed that our lives can be a bit like the seasons? In some stages of life we can experience a chill, with things feeling a bit icy and remote, much like winter – nothing is growing, things are cold and dry, and it feels as though we’re just not moving forward. In those wintry seasons of life we can lose ourselves.

Have you had a season like this? What did you do to move forward?

You know, at one point in my life I was seriously feeling as though that chilly dead stage of my life would never end! I was a single mum and had my three gorgeous kids… however, while I loved them to bits, it was hard. I wondered how on earth I was ever going to make ends meet. Who would want to be with a single mum with three kids? What on earth was I doing with my life? Simply being at home wasn’t going to cut it for me, especially once the kids were all at school. The one thing I did know was that I was determined to come off of the single parent’s pension.

By my mid-30s I was barely able to plan what was for dinner or even plan the week ahead, let alone consider planning a year ahead. There was no way I could consider what I wanted to be doing in five or 10 years’ time, and I certainly couldn’t have pictured it! Have you ever felt like that? Or maybe you feel like that right now?

These days there’s so much pressure to have a successful career or business, or just to know what you are meant to be doing in life. These expectations can feel overwhelming. Often there is little to no instruction or direction to help you decide what is it you should be doing – it is simply assumed that you should know! It’s easy for some people to figure out their lives, but for other people it isn’t. Also, this confusion and lack of direction can occur at any stage of life, from leaving school to waking up one day with toddlers under foot. Or you might be 50-plus and your until-retirement job has just disappeared, or your marriage of 30 years is suddenly over! At these times we may ask ourselves, ‘How do I find my purpose? How do I create my future? How do I know what I’m meant to be doing?’

Know that you’re not alone in this – in fact, feeling ‘lost’ is more common than you realise. The answer can be found by taking three simple steps:

  1. Decide on your life vision
  2. Set your goals
  3. Create and take actionable steps

However, although these steps are simple, they can take some time and effort to implement. Beautiful woman, you are worth it! My dream and hope is that you choose to walk through the adventure of uncovering and creating your best life, to find the treasure you didn’t even know existed. It would be my honour to show you how to do this – consider joining me in my More than a Vision program and we can redefine your future and take you out of the winter of your life and into the dazzling springtime sunshine!


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