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Professional Bio

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The short‘n’cute version

Jennifer Ironside loves living in sunny south-east Queensland, Australia and, as a transformational coach, speaker and author, is dedicated to showing women across the planet how to create extraordinary lives. With the powerful combination of a caring heart and courageous, boundary-pushing sass, Jennifer inspires her clients to dream BIG – and then supports them through the real-world actions needed to manifest those dreams.

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The juicy longer version

Jennifer Ironside has failed. A LOT. Yep, she’s just your regular, all-Aussie mum, wife, gran, daughter, sister and friend, and she’s stumbled and tripped more times than she cares to remember.

If it wasn’t for her stubbornness and fierce independence, she wouldn’t have found herself in hot water quite so often. Yet it’s those very traits that are now being used for good in her life, and in the lives of others.

A dynamic, down-to-earth natural leader with a big heart, Jennifer has held management and leadership positions and been a single mum. As a transformational coach, speaker and author of Real Women, Real Stories, she now lives her purpose by inspiring women around the world to imagine and deliberately create an authentic life. She knows it’s possible to overcome crippling adversity, and to make the choice to transform your life – after all, she’s done just that with her own life!

When she’s not helping other women, SE Queensland based Jennifer loves smelling the roses, indulging in Thai food, sipping sweet red wine, watching movies and, best of all, spending time with her beautiful family – including her GlamBabies (grandbabies) Harper, Carson, Allora, Zaine and. Beau.

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Real Women, Real Stories

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Book description

Does life sometimes feel too hard to handle?

Do you ever feel overwhelmed or alone, not knowing how you’ll cope?

Real life is often not easy – to say the least. It ain’t all peaches and cream.

Huge challenges can come along and derail our dreams, and it doesn’t matter whether those dreams are big… or not-so-big. They’re still our dreams. 

Do you know what helps? Realising that other women have gone through enormous heartbreak and pain, yet they’ve made it through to the other side.

They’ve survived, and through their journey of overcoming adversity they’ve come to know the strength that they had all along.

Within the pages of Real Women, Real Stories: Inspiration for surviving the challenges of life, transformational coach Jennifer Ironside shares uplifting stories of amazing, real women who are just like you. Women who have experienced challenges such as brain injury; sexual assault; addiction; divorce; serious illness; physical disability; domestic violence; moving from their home country; and the devastating loss of a baby.

Take these stories into your heart, be inspired by Jennifer’s loving guidance, and know that a better life truly is possible for you. You can survive – and thrive!

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Book cover images

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Jennifer is an engaging, dynamic speaker who inspires audiences to take hugely positive action. She is highly articulate and professional, yet refreshingly down to earth and authentic.

Speaking topics include:

  • How to Survive the Challenges of Life
  • Why You Need More than a Vision to Achieve Your Dreams
  • How 2B Whole
  • Why Your Story Matters
  • Choosing Habits for Success
  • How to Turn Adversity into Advantage
  • Let It Go – It’s More Than a Song…

Jennifer is also able to tailor her talks to suit the specific needs of your audience.

To book Jennifer to speak at your next event, please complete the form below (including potential dates, locations and preferred speaking topics in your message):

Jennifer is a very engaging speaker and trainer with a wonderful sense of fun and self-assurance. She has a welcoming attitude that enables her to connect with her audience in a very short time, whether in a large training room or in a small setting with a few business owners. She instills confidence in her participants’ ability to achieve, and they know she is with them all the way. In particular, Jennifer has the natural ability to make her sessions fun yet thought-provoking, such as asking participants to guide each other – blindfolded – through imaginary shark-infested waters. Her sessions allow her audience to look at life in a different way. Jennifer shows participants how to change their attitude when facing difficulties and challenges, and reveals how they can move forward with a smile.

~ Claire Hubbert

Vocational education trainer & assessor


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