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Neuro Linguistic Programming, Emotional Change Technique, Hypnosis Master Practitioner

How many years have you been trying on your own to make life better? (Yes, we women often put up with mediocrity or pain for YEARS!) 

They say that the definition of ‘insanity’ is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result… does that feel like the story of your life so far? (Don’t worry; it was my story, too ?.)

Gorgeous woman, it’s time to DO something different in order to achieve the different result you’ve been craving.

When you invest in yourself and your dream with my personalised, one-on-one coaching, I work with you tobreakthrough limitations, create a vision, set deeply meaningful goals and take real-world action – and my loving guidance and accountability keeps you on track.

Together, we’ll make you unstoppable! 

Together, we’ll make you unstoppable! 

Jen has a unique ability to draw things out of me, helping me to see things from a different perspective. She has been a lifeline to me, in more ways than one. Her natural coaching style enabled us to get to the core of the matter quickly and I always left with an inspiring pep in my step, hope in my heart, ideas to ponder and actions to take.

~ Amy Lesmond

Jennifer, your commitment, encouragement and innovation do not go unnoticed. Your unique abilities outshine the rest – you opened my eyes to what I could become, and made me believe that I could achieve my dreams. You made yourself available and believed in me, and allowed me to learn from my own mistakes. I am forever grateful for your kindness and compassion. I will be guided by you for the rest of my life because what you taught me has shaped my life. I know that I can achieve more than I or other people thought I was capable of – I am now confident and successful!

~ Annita Gosper


With my online and in-person workshops, I can help you to transform your life – no matter where you live. Imagine indulging in workshops such as Seaside Self-care and Glam Goal-setting

However, if you’re ready to go from ‘uninspired’ to ‘unstoppable’, and would love my coaching support AND a sisterhood of like-minded, positive women, then my latest program – More than a Vision – is absolutely perfect for you.

This unique program gives you the space to uncover your wildest dreams… and I then hold your hand while you bring those dreams to life. It’s the perfect blend of dreaming and doing! Click here for all the details.


I have met so many women who yearn for genuine connection, and I know how good it feels to be with people who lift you up. Without community, we cannot thrive. We need supportive, positive women in our lives.

(As women, we can fix everything from the pantry cupboard to parliament house, but it’s way easier and more joyful when we have other women in our corner.)

I wanted to meet up regularly with amazing women, so twice a month I now host in-person and online Connections Coffee ‘n’ Chats meet-ups – and you’re invited! Join us for a comforting cuppa and some of the most inspired connections and conversations you’ll ever have.

For all the details, ask to join my exclusive Facebook group (where I’ll also be revealing plans for a 2022 retreat – pending COVID-19!).


I recently published my very first book– yes, I really do ‘walk my talk’ when it comes to making dreams come true! I had known for YEARS that I was meant to write a book about real women’s stories, and now it’s here. 

Within its beautiful pages you’ll discover uplifting stories of amazing, real women who have survived challenges such as brain injury; sexual assault; addiction; divorce; serious illness; physical disability; domestic violence; moving from their home country; and the devastating loss of a baby.

I am honoured that these women shared their stories with me, and I just know that you will find comfort and inspiration on every page. Grab a cuppa and treat yourself to an incredible read.

Head here to check it out!

A Glam Life

Ever felt like there’s never enough hours in the day? Wondering when this soul sucking hustle will end, even if you love what you do, yet it’s a struggle to have the time freedom you desire and being able to be present for yourself and those you love?

Fondly known by my grandchildren as ‘GlamMa’ – currently ‘tupa’ ? as they are all under 2 still – I know the joy of having the FREEDOM to be present for my family and can go at the drop of a hat if I choose. Something I missed out on as a single mother when I was raising my children.

Wouldn’t you love the ability to be MORE present in your life – both for yourself first and those you love??

A glamlife puts the sparkle back into life. Creating freedom, wealth, travel & adventures. No more settling.

Step into the great glamlife you were created for. Be empowered and mentored to create an epic online business from home even if you have never had an automated business before, partnering with high ticket products. Creating your own personal brand.

For more information click …. (no obligation information available)


Wanna know my secrets for living a glam, full-colour life that’s full of connection, meaning and fun?


Recently I turned 59

Recently I turned 59. I went out for lunch with my beautiful friends I’ve known since I was 15. We laughed & joked & maybe shed a tear or two amongst the hilarity. We waved around sparklers & put on stupid party hats. As we parted ways I took a quick photo...

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