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Does life sometimes feel too hard to handle?

Do you ever feel overwhelmed or alone, not knowing how you’ll cope?

Real life is often not easy – to say the least. It ain’t all peaches and cream.

Huge challenges can come along and derail our dreams, and it doesn’t matter whether those dreams are big… or not-so-big. They’re still our dreams. 

Do you know what helps? Realising that other women have gone through enormous heartbreak and pain, yet they’ve made it through to the other side.

They’ve survived, and through their journey of overcoming adversity they’ve come to know the strength that they had all along.

Within the pages of this book, transformational coach Jennifer Ironside shares uplifting stories of amazing, real women who are just like you. Women who have experienced challenges such as brain injury; sexual assault; addiction; divorce; serious illness; physical disability; domestic violence; moving from their home country; and the devastating loss of a baby.

Here are the 13 amazing women (including Jennifer)

who have courageously shared their stories…

Take their stories into your heart, be inspired by Jennifer’s loving guidance, and know that a better life truly is possible for you. You can survive – and thrive!

When we listen to someone’s story we are invited to partner with them in their struggles, joys and growth. In Real Women, Real Stories: Inspiration for surviving the challenges of life, Jennifer Ironside models how to share someone’s story with compassion and insight. Each woman’s story speaks powerfully of the importance of listening to each other and being connected to a community of care and purpose.

Gayle Kent

Chief community life officer, morling.edu.au

Jennifer’s practical compilation of raw, sometimes heart-wrenching, real-life stories leaves you with the hope that no matter what life journey you have taken, there is still the possibility that you are able to live the beautiful life you were created for.

Michelle Glassbrook

Naturopath & author of Tastes of Eden recipe book, flavoursofeden.com

Interesting, engaging, thought-provoking and a real testament to the human spirit, Jennifer Ironside’s Real Women, Real Stories takes you on a journey of connection with people who have become the heroes of their own lives. It really goes to show that everybody has greatness in them and can overcome anything life throws at them, if they choose to harness that greatness.

Natasha Buttler

Marketing strategist, boostmarketingservices.com.au

In a world filled with Photoshopped lives and unrealistic expectations, women crave groundedness, and this can be found in real stories of real women. Jennifer provides that opportunity in this powerful collection of authentic stories of acceptance, vulnerability and strength. This inspirational book proves to women everywhere that there is beauty in their journeys, no matter how difficult, messy or unconventional they may seem.

Jen Griswold

Author & CEO, missionentrepreneur.com

In this day and age, we are hungry for authenticity and connection. It seems that, everywhere we turn, people are projecting a perfect life that we just can’t emulate. Jennifer’s book breaks down these walls, and we find ourselves reflected in its stories of real women. Whether frustrated by mediocrity, engulfed by grief or plagued by poor decisions, the raw story-telling in Real Women, Real Stories shows us that we’re not alone. With inspirational and challenging words by Jennifer at each story’s conclusion, you just might find yourself pulled towards a greater appreciation of yourself, and pushed towards a life you can only now imagine.

⁓ Susie Holt

Radio presenter & speaker, lukeandsusie.com

From heartbreaking to inspirational, these stories are a powerful reminder of how fragile life can be, and of the incredible strength that can be found within us when we are faced with the unimaginable.

~ Marisa Punshon

Personal and business cashflow strategist & mindset coach, marisapunshon.com.au

About the author

Jennifer Ironside loves living in sunny south-east Queensland, Australia and, as a transformational coach, speaker and author, is dedicated to showing women across the planet how to create extraordinary lives. With the powerful combination of a caring heart and courageous, boundary-pushing sass, Jennifer inspires her clients to dream BIG – and then supports them through the real-world actions needed to manifest those dreams.

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