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Hello gorgeous! I am Jennifer, and I am just like you. I am a mum, a wife, a gran, a daughter, a sister and a friend.

For many years I had all the desires and all the dreams a person could imagine, but I was stuck. I was just existing, waiting for something or someone to come along and fix it all for me. My dreams just sat there on the shelf, gathering dust. Every new year would feel like ‘groundhog day’, with nothing really changing or getting better. I felt like a failure and didn’t believe I was worthy of achieving my dreams.

Does that sound familiar?

So, what happened for me?

Well, I explain more about this in my book Real Women, Real Stories, but I had a bit of an epiphany. I realised that I had CHOICES.

I could choose to settle for a mediocre life and to wait for someone else to complete me. OR, I could choose to live my best life!

So, I did the smart thing and chose to re-imagine my life and pursue my dreams. I chose to get off my butt and take ACTION. 

Did I do all of this alone? No. I asked God for help, and I sought the help of mentors, coaches and networks.

However, I was the one who made the choices and took the actions. I took 100% responsibility.

And do you know what? Ever since I made that first empowered choice – and kept making good choices and taking action – my life has done a complete 180.

I have three amazing children and four GlamBabies (grandbabies), and live in beautiful, sunny south-east Queensland, Australia.

I am also living my life vision of being a ‘glampreneur’ – for me, this means empowering women around the world, and doing it with style. I am a transformational coach, the founder of an international meet-up group called ‘Connections’, an author, a speaker, a direct sales business owner and the host of a YouTube channel called YBL TV (Your Best Life TV). I do all of this to help women like YOU! 

Sometimes I have to pinch myself. Yep, I am now happy and fulfilled, with a purpose that’s on fire!

Now that I know how amazing life really can be, I want to help you to discover and achieve your dreams. My mission is to give you the tools and inspiration you need to create your life vision. Remember: life isn’t about merely surviving. You are here to THRIVE!

Let me take your hand and show you exactly how you can live your best life. Head here to take the first step

I’m here for you!


Wanna know my secrets for living a glam, full-colour life that’s full of connection, meaning and fun?


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